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I love writing – it puts me in touch with the creative process. I write as a scholar and as a creative writer. I like both of these modes of writing. They allow me to explore different genres and the flexibility of my writerly voice. Dance and movement are integral to my writing process. Dance, movement, artistry, and health are the subjects of my writings. 

Here you will see some of my academic research articles published in peer-reviewed journals, chapters, book reviews, symposium transcripts, profiles, and essays on movement, health, and wellbeing. I have included most of these as pre-print versions. 

Please contact me if you have questions about the writings or would like me to contribute a piece to your newsletter, blog, journal, artbook, or a book of collected writings. 

Hiie Saumaa Columbia University

Academic Articles and Chapters

Somaticist in the Dance Archives


ES4. Burnout cover
ES1 ACT Strength Training-1
ES2. cover
ES3. cover
ES6. Robbins Newsletter-1
ES9. Emotional Arch1
Robbins Foundation 2016
ES8. Sacred Dance Guild article-1
​Traces on the Body - L'AiR ARTS
Hiie writings 6
Dance free1-1
Creativity p1
ES5. Aflame1

Profiles, Interviews, & Transcripts 



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