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I feel like when I dance, write, or read about dance and the body, many different parts of me – my imagination, my soul, and my body – are animated. My mind starts dancing too! Dancing and writing about dance make me feel alive, connected to myself, other people, the places around me, the natural environment, and the world. 
Hiie Saumaa dance
Hiie Saumaa dance
Hiie Saumaa dance
Hiie Saumaa dance
Here are some examples of my movement improvisations, in New York City and Tartu, Estonia. Click on photos to launch animation
Dancing takes me deep inside of myself. I feel my inner architecture, the sensation in the muscles, the placement of the bones, the fluidity of the water element, and the silent working of the organs. My inner eye roams around the body as I move. I sense the movement of my thoughts and the stirrings of emotions. I listen. I try to hear the subtle voice of the heart and trust it as one of my guides in life. Movement emerges – different each day. I feel the souls of my feet on the earth. I sense my skin breathing. The sky above is a dance partner, as is the space around the body. Some movements feel fluid, some angular, yearning, percussive, humorous, and playful. I notice what and who are around me – the stones, leaves, the sun, walls, sand, light, darkness, the colors, the textures. I am alive.

"Dance and the City"

"Dance and the City" is a program I created with Columbia Global Centers I Paris in 2021. Dance, improvisation, creativity, health, joy, community, and Paris -- all in one! Videographer: Flavien Eripret.


Dance and the City: An Introduction

Dance and the City: Quai Saint Bernard

Dance and the City: Montmartre


Dance and the City: Jardin de Luxembourg

Dance and the City: Pont Neuf

Dance and the City: Reid Hall

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